Beauty Services Hair Professional, LLC provides assisted living residents with high-quality beauty treatments. We offer a wide range of services from haircuts and styling to manicures and pedicures. Our team of experienced stylists and beauticians strives to provide our clients with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We are committed to delivering quality services with the highest standards of safety and comfort. We run assisted living salons and nursing home salons in New York and New Jersey.

Residents of senior facilities often need extra special care, particularly those who have memory impairments. They frequently become perplexed and have a propensity to wander, which makes providing services challenging.
Even while confined to a bed, bedside service provided by BSHP allows the resident to continue enjoying the dignity of salon services.
We at Beauty Service Professional, LLC are committed to addressing the needs of those residents with unique needs. We collaborate with your facility to implement modifications that will satisfy them.

We've learned a lot in the ten years since we identified the disconnect between what residents expected from their salon and what really transpired when random people worked there.

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